Teaching Experience

Associate Instructor, University of California, Davis

  Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

      Econometric Theory and Applications ARE 106 (2017)


Teaching Assistant, University of California, Davis

   Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

      Corporate Finance ARE 171a (2013, 2014)

      Intermediate Microeconomics ARE 100b (2014)

   Department Environmental Science and Policy

      Impact Evaluation ESP 168b (2017, 2019)

      Environmental Policy ESP 162 (2016, 2019)

Leadership and Mentoring Experience

Mentor, University of California, Davis (2017- Current)

Graduate Achievement and Advocacy Program pairs undergraduate students with graduate mentors


Leader of the Environmental Justice Student Working Group 

University California, Santa Barbara (2011-2012)

Main activities include event coordination, and curriculum building for graduate/undergraduate departments.

Mentor, Colby College (2007-2010)

Colby Cares About Kids pairs undergraduate students with primary school children in neighboring communities.

Comments from Student Evaluations:

"The instructor taught the class fairly and always kept us engaged. I can genuinely say I have a good understanding of the material thanks to this instructor."

"This class was hard, but very well explained. I am glad this class was taught in a way that emphasized the important parts of econometrics."

"Clear presentation and made homework relevant to class materials, clear about expectations."

"Amanda did a really good job explaining her material and helping us understand the material conceptually."

"I liked how she prepared for the class, [was] kind and nice to students. She does not hesitate to reexplain things."

"Amanda prepare[s] the class well, she cares if student[s] understand the material or not"

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